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2 Davis Drive, , USA, Durham, NC 27703

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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
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Welcome to Hangar6

Welcome to Hangar6.

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Conference Room

Our main conference room.

One-on-One Training

Need some design advice? Book some one-on-one time with the shop manager

Metal Lathe

Metal Fiber Laser Cutter-currently down for repair

Metal Fiber Laser 500w 48in X 48in working area Z-axis travel: 100 mm Laser wattage: 500 W Can cut up to: 3mm Carbon Steel 2mm Stainless Steel 1mm Aluminum/Brass Positioning accuracy: <= 0.03 mm/m

Einscan 3D Scanner

EinScan-Pro+ Handheld 3D Scanner with turntable Structured light technology Output: ASC, OBJ, PLY, STL Max resolution: .24mm between points Max accuracy: 0.05mm Acquisition Speed: 550,000 points/sec(HD mode) Scanning area: 300mm X 170mm

CO2 Laser Cutter

CO2 Laser 150W Working area: (52in X36in) 1300mm X 900mm with 7in work height clearance Laser:150 W CO2 sealed laser tube, 10.6 um wavelength

Sailrite Fabricator Industrial Sewing Machine

A full-size industrial, straight stitch sewing machine with a compound walking foot. The Fabricator allows for stitch-by-stitch sewing at full power, so you can take your time creating the most precise stitches possible. This best-in-class…

Mini CNC Mill

Nomad 883 Pro’s small footprint means that even fully enclosed, it takes up about as much space as an inkjet printer or desktop 3D printer. Cutting Area: 8” (X and Y), 3” (Z) Weight: 65…

CNC Mini Router (broken, on repair)

Cutting area: 32x33” Capable of cutting a variety of materials including: Polycarbonate, plywood, solid wood, carbon fiber plate, Teflon, acrylic.

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Milling machine

digital readout milling machine


2 Davis Drive, , USA, Durham, NC 27703
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